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Nightmare - Game Music Pack

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In a realm where darkness intertwines with technology, an alternate reality unveils a haunting and captivating universe. This enigmatic domain transcends the boundaries of our own, presenting a bizarre fusion of biomechanical wonders and macabre beauty. A pervasive sense of unease permeates the atmosphere, as if caught between a nightmare and a mesmerizing dream.

Nightmare horror music pack is filled with unnerving sound textures, sudden strikes and enigmatic music melodies. It is intended for psychological horror and sci-fi horror.

Nightmare can be divided in 4 main sections:


Nightmare is the main collection of music in this pack with 10 original tracks. Beyond the unpleasant textures and dissonances, there's a hovering drone tone with otherworldly melodies and an overall feeling of wonder balanced with discomfort. Nightmare mode is intended for exploration and setting the mood for a new level.


Inferno mode contain 10 alternative versions of the main collection without most of the tonal characteristics, resulting in a landscape of textures and unnerving sounds. Inferno mode is a solution for moments of pure horror and battle where melodies wouldn't fit in.


Stealth mode is a set of 8 ambiences meant for a non-distracting background sound at a low level. Think of it as a room tone for a hellish place. It helps to create an atmosphere for moments where music wouldn't fit in.


This section contains 23 extra sound effects like impacts, jump scares, stingers and more.


  •  10 original loop tracks
  •  10 alternative loop tracks
  •  8 atmosphere tracks
  • 23 sound effects

Total Number of Audio Files:51

Format WAV 16Bits 44,100 Hz

Minutes of audio provided: 82:27

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Nightmare - Game Music Pack

0 ratings
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