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Character Vocalizations - Male, Female and Villain Sound Effects

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Character Vocalizations is a vocal sound effects pack specially designed for action and survival games.

With more than 200 unique sounds, this pack features 3 different characters, a male hero, a female hero and a villain.

The Character Vocalizations Pack contain sounds for the most basic actions within a game such as attack, hit, dodge, jump, landing and sprint.

The files are labelled as such for ease of usage yet they are very versatile and can be used in many situations.

Character Vocalizations Pack also includes a small selection of lines for each character that can be very helpful for some actions within the game.

Female Character contains 60 action sounds and 33 lines

Male Character contains 44 action sounds and 33 lines

Villain character contains 25 action sounds and 16 lines

*Each character have a different set of lines, some lines might not be available in all characters.

You can check the complete list of the 211 sounds here


  • Female character sounds
  • Male character sounds
  • Villain character sounds
  • 211 High quality sounds total

Technical Details:

Number of Audio Waves: 211

Format: 16Bit Mono .WAV

Sample rate / bit rate: 44,100 Hz

Minutes of audio provided: 3:57

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211 Sounds!

16 MB

Character Vocalizations - Male, Female and Villain Sound Effects

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